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Wildlife — By Stephanie on October 23, 2008 at 9:57 am
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This handsome guy doesn't have a vote on November 4 - but you do!

The United States presidential elections are right around the corner. You may have made up your mind, but what about the disenfranchised many who cannot vote? I’m talking about the wolves, polar bears and beluga whales who desperately need a voice against Palin. Why is this so critical? Because Governor Sarah Palin, John McCain’s running mate, has proven that she is anything but wildlife-friendly. From her encouragement of the aerial hunting of wolves to her lawsuit to stop the listing of polar bears as a threatened species, Palin continues to put selfish interests above those of innocent animals.

The Defenders of Action Wildlife Fund has created a webpage that details Palin’s anti-wildlife practices and illustrates the tremendous need to give wildlife a voice against Palin’s candidacy. Seems that Palin is only a friend to Big Oil, when presented with the survival issues facing hundreds of species in her state of Alaska.

Palin is a strong supporter of drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, a vital wilderness area. It is home to hundreds of thousands of caribou who use the refuge as a calving ground, more than one million migratory birds, and countless other wildlife. It’s the most important onshore denning habitat for female polar bears. Senator McCain himself has repeatedly voted to protect this pristine wilderness area. Palin is also a supporter of drilling in Bristol Bay and other offshore sites despite the risks to sensitive marine wildlife in the area, including the endangered polar bear and Beluga whale.

In order for voters to be fully aware of the threat that Palin’s policies pose to wildlife, Hollywood actress Ashley Judd is urging people to support the airing of this television ad:

How can you give wildlife a voice aganst Palin and put this spot on the air? Its simple. Go to the donation page at the Defenders of Action Wildlife Fund and follow the simple instructions. You can give $20, $40 or $100. Time is very short! The election is just over a week away.

Need more facts to help you make up your mind? Consider the following:

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Will Polar Bears still remain in the wild in the next 40 years?

1. Palin is fighting against the listing of Polar Bears as a threatened species because it might disrupt oil exploration. She takes this position depsite the fact that polar bears are starving to death, birthing fewer cubs and drowning as sea ice disappears and their search for food becomes more difficult. Scientists at the U.S. Geologic Survey warn that polar bears could disappear from Alaska within 50 years, driven to extinction by habitat loss due to global warming.

2. The aerial hunting program approved by Palin is horrifying. The Board of Game, which she appoints, approved the killing of black bear sows with cubs as part of the program. The media is looking into reports that state officials implementing one of the aerial wolf killing programs illegally killed five-week old wolf pups just outside their dens.

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Magnificent white Beluga Whale

3. The numbers of Beluga Whales in Alaska’s Cook Inlet have dramatically declined in the past two decades due to pressures ranging from pollution to increased ship traffic. Governor Palin opposes the listing of the Cook Inlet beluga whales as threatened or endangered, because it would pose a threat to oil and gas development. This is despite the fact that the number of Beluga Whales has decreased from 1,300 in the 1980s to about 350 today.

Its time to give wildlife a voice against Palin. If the animals in the following video could talk, what do you think they would say about the Governor of their homestate? Would they vote for her to become Vice-President?

The vote you cast on November 4 will make a difference to the security of thousands of animals. Be aware and informed about Palin’s practices. Help spread the word. In a few years, it may be too late.

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