Dolphin Slaughter in Japan

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Atlantic Spotted Dolphin

Save the dolphins, save the whales, save the trees, save the planet. I know you may be getting bored with all of these cries for help. With all of the other issues we are facing today, we are easily desensitized and disconnected from the natural world.

The truth is, the situation just keeps getting worse, no matter how much awareness has been raised. Dolphins are such beautiful, highly intelligent creatures and are revered throughout the world. I think the majority of people would agree that they don’t want to eat them.

Dolphin slaughter in Japan is a cruel and barbaric practice that causes these gentle, peaceful animals significant and unnecessary pain.

There is a health threat as well, to the Japanese people who consume this meat. Dolphin meat found in grocery stores in Japan have been tested extensively and contain dangerously high levels of mercury.

The facts about dolphin slaughter in Japan are being kept from the Japanese people. The media is refusing to expose the dolphin hunters and their inhumane slaughter of these beautiful mammals. They are also refusing to alert the Japanese people to the health risks involved with consuming dolphin meat.

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A peaceful and playful Dolphin.

“To the dolphin alone, nature has given
that which the best philosophers seek:
Friendship for no advantage. Though it
has no need of help from any man,
it is a genial friend to all and
has helped mankind.”
– Plutarch

The following is a documentary filmed in Taiji, Japan the primary location for dolphin hunting. Some of the images are alarming and sad.

I encourage you to take action by sending a letter to the Japanese Embassy. The Japanese people have the right to know the truth about the inhumane slaughtering practices and the dangerously high mercury content contained in the meat they are consuming. For further information about dolphin slaughter in Japan visit Save Japans Dolphins.

Regardless of how you feel about the consumption of animal products, the inhumane practices and high mercury contents of dolphin meat needs to be brought under public scrutiny in Japan. Let the people of Japan decide to stop the slaughter of dolphins.

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Peaceful Dolphins

“Listen to the voice of a dolphin,
and you shall learn the secret
to mankinds’ survival: PEACE!!!”

- Mallory Watson

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