11 Cutest Animal Photos

Wildlife — By Stephanie on December 26, 2009 at 10:09 am

Our favorite, most popular posts here at Peachy Green include animals.  After all, who can resist a sweet, cute face?  Most of the time, we talk about the plight of wildlife around the world, whether wild horses, elephants or sharks.  While we love to bring the Peachy side of environmental news, sometimes even that can be a task!

Just for fun today, we scoured the web for the 10 cutest animal photos.  But we couldn’t just stop at 10.  We went to 11!  These have got to be the best of the best!  Don’t you agree?  The photos below will make you laugh, and brighten your day.  I dare you not to forward this to your 10 best friends.  (do it! do it!)

Check out this first shot.  Puppies play hard, and sleep even harder!  This one gives new meaning to the phrase “dog tired.”  You can practically hear him snoring right through your computer screen.

61 11 Cutest Animal Photos

The definition of "dog tired"

Friends and foes unite!  I wonder if this cat realizes that his little friend is usually prey? No matter.  There’s always room at the dinner table, as long as he’s not on the menu.  C’mon now… move over and let the little guy in.

53 11 Cutest Animal Photos

Hedgehog is "hedging" his bets with a furry feline

I love this next photo.  A line of lions in the slim shade of an airplane wing.  Wonder if they realize that in 10 minutes’ time, they’ll be scorching in the African sun again as it moves across the sky?

151 11 Cutest Animal Photos

Lion around in the shade

Nothing squirrel-y about this little guy.  He’s brave enough to bite the hand that feeds him, if necessary.  Just look at his cute little face!

OK, now shut up and give him the peanut already!

171 11 Cutest Animal Photos

Quick, give me the peanut!

Where is Bette Midler when you need her?  Cue the music…. “Did you ever know that you’re my hero?”  Here, a hawk gives a ride to another feathered friend, providing both the wings, and the wind beneath the wings.

181 11 Cutest Animal Photos

The wind beneath the wind beneath the wings

This jaguar either is too hot, or too full after his last meal.  Either way, he doesn’t seem to mind the photographer’s attention, as he is caught literally hanging out in the jungle.  He knows who’s in charge.  Talk about one cool cat!

191 11 Cutest Animal Photos

How is it hanging?

When animals do things that resemble human actions, they are most irresistible.  Here, this bear looks like he’s waiting for the rest of the party to join him in the hot tub.

“So hey guys… I got the chips and dip!  Where are you all? Don’t forget the honey ale!”

231 11 Cutest Animal Photos

The party is "bearly" starting!

This cute kitty cat has finally caught the toy he’s been chasing all morning.  We captured him right at the exact moment!

Gives new meaning to the phrase “shock and aww…..”

132 11 Cutest Animal Photos

Whoop! I got it! Wait!! What is it?

Line up little doggies!  Chins up!  Get your paws of the dinner table.  Hey… look at me when I’m talking to you.

Doggone it – are you asleep again?

91 11 Cutest Animal Photos

Snoring in your snacks is not allowed!

I want what he has!  No, I want what she has!  I know, let’s trade….

111 11 Cutest Animal Photos

The grass is greener on the other side of the breakfast bowl

This little snuggle puppy scores an 11 on the cuteness scale (of 1-10).  Catch his sideways glace as he barely makes eye contact from his embrace with dear Teddy.

Can I have one too?  Yes, one of each would be perfect!

201 11 Cutest Animal Photos

As long as I have my teddy bear, everything will be alright

We hope you enjoyed our animal photo gallery as much as we did putting it together.  Its eerie how much animals can seem like you and me.  As we share the Earth, its a good thing to keep in mind – even when suffering from cuteness overload!

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