Travel Green: Bed and Breakfasts in Oregon

Green Travel — By Stephanie on July 15, 2010 at 5:22 am
bend Travel Green: Bed and Breakfasts in Oregon

Rustic, quaint and green?

When planning vacations these days, many people have a desire to travel green.  Staying at a bed and breakfast could definitely help you minimize your carbon footprint while on holiday.  Also known as B&Bs, these properties are generally a single-family home that has been converted (and properly permitted) to allow overnight visitors for limited stays.  Unlike hotels, you won’t see large expanses of parking lots, hallways and foyers that are lit 24-7, or continental breakfasts that go to waste when not consumed.

A lot of people enjoy the more intimate setting of a bed and breakfast and the ability to take part in meal preparation that is often shared by the proprietors.  Its also easier to control your energy usage, by letting the owners know of your desires concerning linen laundering, recycling, and even organic and/or locally grown food.

Did you know that, for bed and breakfasts in Oregon, you can be assured just how “green” your stay will be through the Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild Green Inspection Program!

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Enjoy an intimate "green" stay at a certified Oregon Bed and Breakfast

Many Oregon bed and breakfast owners have turned to the OBBG for certification of their property as “green.”  According to the Bed and Breakfast Guild website, the Green Inspection Program allows proprietors to:

  • Proclaim your commitment to business practices that promote the sustainability of our planet’s natural resources.
  • Integrate that commitment into exemplary guest services.
  • Align your spending and vendor choices to reflect your business values.
  • Network with other organizations that share your determination.
  • Set achievable goals and design a realistic framework for success.
  • Evolve your goals as the business at your Inn grows.
oregon pacific ocean heceta head lighthouse bed breakfast view Travel Green: Bed and Breakfasts in Oregon

Relax at a certified green bed and breakfast in Oregon

As of the date of this publication, there are 16 Inns that have been certified as green bed and breakfasts in Oregon:

So, how soon will you come visit the lush, green landscapes of Oregon?

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    What a great list! I love the bed & breakfasts they have in Oregon…very cool!

    And of course, yet another reason to go visit :D

  2. Stephanie says:

    LOL – Tara, I thought that you’d take an interest in this article! And we’d love for you to visit Oregon soon!

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