Save Fuel on Summer Travels: 5 Easy Tips

Green Travel — By Stephanie on July 6, 2010 at 10:56 am

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Summer travels often mean car trips, and that may be a greener way to travel than flying.  But you will still want to save fuel to minimize the impact and cost of your vacation.  When you’re packing up the vehicle and preparing to hit the road, consider these 5 easy tips to help you save gas:

1.  Unless there are specific sights you are going out of your way to see, consult maps and websites to plan the shortest, most direct route to your destination (we like AAA travel planner, in particular, but you have to be a member).

2.  Pack lightly and stick to posted speed limits.  The more weight you have in your vehicle and the faster you drive, the more fuel you’ll consume.  Ease off the accelerator, or – even better – set the cruise control and enjoy the scenery instead of watching for police officers!

3.  Service your car before you leave.  Check tire pressure to make sure they are fully inflated.  An oil change and vehicle inspection is also advised.  Simply changing your air filter can improve your vehicle’s performance.  With a tuned up car, you can save some money at the gas pump.

CarMap Save Fuel on Summer Travels: 5 Easy Tips

4.  Try to avoid peak traffic, if possible.  Driving in stop and go congestion reduces fuel efficiency.  If you can hit the road early or drive later in the evening when traffic has subsided, you’ll be able to save gas too.  When you do get stuck in a traffic jam, slow your acceleration and ease into braking.  Sudden stops and starts use more gas.

5.  Gas up in the morning.  Fuel expands in the heat, which means that a fill-up later in the day will give you less for the money.

Plan ahead and enjoy your summer travels this year while you save fuel!

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