Great Wolf Water Park Resorts Go Green

Green Travel — By Stephanie on October 27, 2010 at 6:31 am
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The Great Wolf Water Park Resort is as Green as it is Fun!

One of our family’s favorite vacations recently was our trip to the Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound, Washington.  I think my four kids enjoyed the water park even more than Disneyland!  The indoor water park has 12 locations across the United States and Canada- perfect for winter or spring break if you want to experience summer again!

With all the heated water, electricity requirements, on-site restaurants and retail outlets, fitness center, children’s amusement center, video arcade, spa and hotel accommodations, one might wonder what the carbon footprint of a resort like the Great Wolf Lodge is.  Smaller than you’d expect!  I was really excited to read about the Great Wolf Water Park Resorts‘ efforts to go green at “Project Green Wolf.”

The Great Wolf Lodge is the first and only United States chain hotel to receive a Green Seal- Certified Silver rating.

Project Green Wolf at the Great Wolf Lodges includes the following measures:

  • Recycled water and water management (low flow showers and toilets, guest linen recycling)
  • Recycling bins located throughout the resort and a food composting program
  • Energy-efficient lighting and Energy-Star rated appliances
  • Environmentally-sensitive cleaning supplies and eco-friendly paper products
  • Low VOC paints
  • All new construction to be LEED-certified
  • Chemical reduction in the pool water
  • Minimal evaporation
  • Pool filter technology that uses 80-90% less water than traditional filters
  • Partnership with National Geographic Kids to provide environmental education/entertainment to educate kids on the Project Green Wolf television channel and an interactive website
  • Daily “Wolf Walk” now includes discussions about the environment and living sustainably
1133498 f520 Great Wolf Water Park Resorts Go Green

Minimal pool evaporation and filter technology reduces water consumption at the Great Wolf Lodge

The Great Wolf Lodge is a green, family-friendly vacation spot!  If you are interested in visiting one of the Great Wolf Water Park Resorts, be sure to plan at least a 2-night stay.  Admittance to the water park is only for hotel guests.

For more information, see Project Green Wolf. Make your reservations at the Great Wolf Lodge website.

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  1. Gerry Nelson says:

    I have a client that wants to build a water park in the state of Oregon near Bend. They have the land and the OK from the City but short on funds. My question is, would Wolf have interest in doing a joint project with my client or know where we can get funding. Many questions. Could someone email me or call and we discuss.
    Gerry Nelson
    G&G Connections LLC

  2. admin says:

    Hi Gerry,

    This is Stephanie Hicks, the owner and writer for Peachy Green. I do not have any direct association with the Great Wolf Lodge, but I am based here in Bend, Oregon (and I am a land use attorney). I will see if I can connect you with my contact at GWL who provided me green information on their water parks. Best of luck, Stephanie

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