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Want to Generate Renewable Energy? Go Fly a Kite!


Clean, renewable energy flows around the world each and every day, just begging to be harnessed.  When it comes to wind energy, turbines, sails and even kites are all options to help us break our addiction to foreign oil. Seriously?  Kites? Could an idea based on a child’s toy be the answer to pressing energy [...]

Going Green the Amish Way

Yes, that’s right. The Amish are into renewable energy. They are going green the Amish way. They may shun cell phones, radio and TV, and ride around in black horse drawn buggies(with solar powered lanterns), but they were green long before going green was cool. Back in the 1920′s Amish leaders rejected the notion of [...]

Wind Energy in the Northwest

It has been said that the strength and viability of renewable energy alternatives in the Northwest (Washington, Oregon, Idaho) is comparable to the power of Silicon Valley with respect to computers. The area is flush with sunshine, running waters and wind. In Oregon, in particular, wind energy has made news with the story that the [...]