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Are Polar Bears Endangered?

Its a question that will divide Democrats and Republicans faster than whether to attend a gay wedding: are Polar Bears Endangered?  Last year, the true politics of the wild Alaska region came to light when Sarah Palin was the Vice-Presidential candidate.  She says they’re doing fine, while others are in distress about the bears’ fate.
When [...]

The Best of Peachy Green: Oh, Sarah!

Part 2 of The Best Of Peachy Green
Now, you know we can’t possibly look back over the past year without at least a mention of the delightful Sarah Palin.
She made us laugh.
She made us cry.
She made us wonder, why oh why?
Sarah, Sarah, we sure had fun.
I’m so relieved Obama won.
So here are the best of [...]

Palin Pumpkins

Palin Pumpkins

Now that the air is turning cooler and the days a bit shorter, its hard to deny that fall is here! My children love Halloween – probably in part because my oldest son’s birthday is October 31. I’ve been wondering what costumes to buy my four kids this year. With the election [...]

Sarah The Savage?

By now we have all heard about aerial hunting, but have you wondered what it really entails? Sarah Palin’s enthusiastic support of brutal aerial hunting goes far further than necessary. She has promoted this savage practice offering a bounty for the severed paw of each dead wolf.
Let’s be clear here. Alaskan’s have voted [...]