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Obama’s Commitment To The Environment

As the world anxiously awaits the new administration in Washington, President-Elect Obama’s commitment to the environment, climate change and a green economy grows deeper. His recent speech clarifies his dedication to making this a priority in his first term as President.

My presidency will mark a new chapter in America’s leadership on climate change that will [...]

This Lawn Is Your Lawn

In an effort to encourage President-Elect Obama (and his staff) to plant an edible garden on the White House lawn, Kitchen Gardeners International has launched a campaign called Eat The View.
The following video features KGI Founder Roger Doiron in front of his own white house digging a garden with a request to the President-elect.
Set to [...]

Obama Urged to Create Unified Power Grid

Obama Urged to Create Unified Power Grid

Just days after the historic presidential election in the United States, projects are starting to line up for President-Elect Barack Obama. Obama campaigned heavily on issues related to renewable energy and independence from foreign oil supplies. Now, he is being urged by Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection to create a unified power [...]

A New Day in America – Congratulations President-Elect Obama

Today, Wednesday November 5, 2008, the entire world is waking up to a new day in America.  President-elect Obama has promised to bring great change with respect to the environment, new renewable energy policies and – we hope – the slowing of global warming.  Perhaps we can finally be released from the grasp of foreign [...]