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Clean Water in Africa: Oregon Teens Work to Make a Difference

Water shortage is a growing crisis, particularly in African countries where women spend hours traveling each day in search of water – time that could be spent pursing vocations or raising their children.  And speaking of children – estimates are that 5,000 children die each day due to parasites, bacteria and silt in their water.  [...]

Water for Parched Communities: Fog Collecting

Water for Parched Communities: Fog Collecting

In a small village outside of Lima, Peru, the poorest segments of the population live high on the hills where rains rarely fall.  Annually, the villagers see a mere 1/2 inch of precipitation.  Potable water is transported from Andean lakes far away.  Its the only place these people can afford.  Yet, their parched community needs [...]

Treating the Deadliest Killer in Developing Nations

Wonder what the deadliest killer is in Africa and Asia?  Is it AIDS?  Malaria?
You’d be wrong on both counts.  More people die each year from diarrhea than any other illness in these areas.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO) more than 1.6 million children under the age of 5 die from this preventable disease.  [...]

Clean Water for Poor Countries

A few days ago, we examined one of the inexpensive ways to transform dirty drinking water into potable water.  Yet, clean water for poor countries is still a dream for many that live in developing areas of the world.  You may not wonder what’s in your drinking water, but for millions around the globe, the [...]

A Tall Cool Drink of Water

Sometimes its easy to take things for granted.  Here in America (and most of the developed world), we don’t often have to worry about clean drinking water.  Yet, each day more than 5,000 children die worldwide because of unsanitary conditions which results in a lack of potable water.  The World Health Organization states that safe [...]