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Keep Mother’s Day Flowers Fresh and Green

Keep cut fresh flowers longer (image from Hello-Julie on Flickr)

Happy Mother’s Day!  As the mom to four children, I love the special cards and other sentiments shared with so much love this day.  As we are in the middle of Spring, I also love receiving flowers… my family doesn’t disappoint!  If you are the lucky recipient of cut flowers, you’ll want to prevent them [...]

Cool Reusable Bags for Moms

The mini Deano Scout by Bungalow reusable tote bag

Its almost Mother’s Day!  If you are short on gift ideas, why not go with a cool reusable bag for mom? Tipped off by a reader, we found “Scout by Bungalow,” a line of durable and adorable totes, lunch bags, storage tools and more.  Unlike your reusable canvas bags, these cool reusable bags can be [...]

A Laugh for Overworked Moms

A Laugh for Overworked Moms

Its the second Sunday in May.  That means Mother’s Day in the U.S. and many other countries around the world. Other Mother’s Day celebrations are also commemorated in other nations year-round. No matter when you give thanks to mom, its always good to say thanks.  In fact, somewhat like the concept of Earth Day, I [...]