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Gaiam Global Warming Energy Saving Action Kit- Small – Green Living

Valued at over $146, our large kit helps you prevent the release of 10,000 lbs. of CO2 with three 60W-equivalent compact fluorescent (CF) light bulbs, 20-oz. stainless steel water bottle (we’ll select a color for you), solar LED flashlight, four rechargeable batteries, fast charger, low-flow showerhead, solar hat fan and our acclaimed Solar Living Sourcebook. [...]

Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet (Hardcover)

Galvanised into action by a 2001 “Time” article on climate change, Wendy Abrams spearheaded Chicago’s ‘Cool Globes’ public art exhibit, which showcased 123 artist-designed globes, each offering its own perspective on global warming. “Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet” offers full-colour photos of the pieces, along with commentary from the artists, statistics about the environment, [...]

Flying the Greener Skies

Have you flown lately?  If so you’ve probably noticed that though the planes are packed to the gills these days, there are fewer of them, and finding a good deal online is getting harder and harder. That’s because major airlines worldwide have been raising prices and scaling back capacity to adjust to the fact that [...]

Climate Activist’s Choice Awards

Forget about Oscar. Who needs all that Hollywood hoopla anyway? The Climate Activist’s Choice Awards lets us choose our favorite short video of the year. There’s no red carpet, no paparazzi and no fur wearing celebrities to aggravate you! The Environmental Defense Action Fund asked filmmakers to create 30 second shorts explaining how carbon caps [...]

Earth Hour 2009

Get ready for Earth Hour 2009! The WWF has recently announced the date for the 2009 climate change initiative. Will you or your business get involved this year? It doesn’t take much effort to participate in the worldwide event.  Around the globe, governments, families, individuals,  and businesses will turn out their lights for one hour [...]

Oceans Rapidly Warming

Talk about alarming news! New evidence has emerged that proves that oceans around the world are warming as much as four times faster than originally predicted. In a United Nations report released in April 2008, figures show that the Baltic Sea in particular has warmed 1.35 degrees C over the last quarter century. This is [...]