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Coal Ash Containment and the EPA

Ever since a coal ash containment pond  broke in December of 2008, spewing coal ash into a nearby river and over 300 acres of farm and woodland,the Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA) has been rethinking its coal ash policy.
The event, which took place in one of the facilities run by the TVA was possibly the [...]

Working Off the Waste: National Building Competition

Working Off the Waste: National Building Competition

The U.S. EPA is calling for contestants in a new national building competition.  Its kind of like “The Biggest Loser,” for commercial buildings!
Even the competition logo (which we do not have permission to publish here) calls to mind a tape measure being pulled tight around one’s waist.  Or perhaps I should say “waste”?
In fact, the [...]

The Plight of the Black-Tailed Prairie Dogs

How can you resist such a cute face?  The Black-tailed Prairie Dog (shown to the left) has been considered for protection as an endangered species recently.  Yet, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), is now considering whether to approve a poison – Kaput-D – that could be used to exterminate the cute little critters!
Marketed [...]

The Precarious Climate Policy of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Over the past few weeks, corporations have been withdrawing from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce due to its climate policy, faster than you can say stranded polar bears.
Yesterday, Apple, Inc. was the latest one out the door, complaining about the Chamber’s failure to “play a constructive role in addressing the climate crisis.”  Along with Apple, [...]


Looking for some simple tips for going green?  Not only is Peachy Green a great place to be (congratulations for visiting), but you should also check out Design:Green. You can get some great, energy saving, environmentally-friendly tips.  2009 is the time for products that are earth-smart and worth consumers’ investment.  If you can capture both [...]