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Stay at a Solar Powered Hotel


One of the hottest trends for hotels and vacation resorts this decade is to “go green.”  Today’s travelers look for eco-friendly properties at which to stay for business or leisure travel.  Sure, there are those companies that engage in “green washing,” or overstating (even making up) some of the environmental benefits of their practices. But [...]

Eco-Friendly Travel at Sonaisali Island Resort, Fiji


Now that winter is here in full swing in the Pacific Northwest, I am fondly remembering my week in Fiji in November 2010.  My last 2 days were spent at the Sonaisali Island Resort, a 5 minute boat ride from the main island in Fiji.  You’d never believe it, but this resort is one of [...]

The Fiji Hideaway Resort: Preserving Coral Reefs and Much More


During my recent trip to Fiji (sponsored by Tourism Fiji), I had the opportunity to stay at the Fiji Hideaway Resort.  This property is not only eco-friendly, but goes the extra mile to preserve the very environment that tourists and locals love so much – the beautiful, ecologically important reefs along the coral coast of [...]

How to Find Eco-Friendly Hotels


When planning a vacation, there are a number of considerations that come into play with respect to lodging: price, location, amenities and – these days – environmental practices.  Fortunately, its easier than ever to find eco-friendly hotels. If you want to ensure that your hotel is green, there are several ways to check.  First, see [...]