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Recycled Cigarette Butts Transformed into Hot Threads


Talk about a Phoenix rising from the ashes.  Quite literally, one designer has taken discarded cigarette butts and transformed them from trash into treasure.  Alexandra Guerrero, from Chile, created eco-friendly fashion statements from a not-so-healthy habit.  The designer came up with the idea to recycle cigarette butts into hot threads while writing a graduate thesis. [...]

When Vegan Shoes Went Chic

When Vegan Shoes Went Chic

For as long as I can remember, the image of the vegan and their shoes has been the same. Do all vegans want to wear practical shoes? Is that why so few designers jumped on the vegan train to create cruelty-free footwear? Less than 5 years ago, the choices were so slim, that vegan boots [...]

Budget Friendly Eco-Fashion

It looks like my days of whining over the price of eco-fashion may be coming to an end and I couldn’t be happier! I used to be able to complain that organic cotton costs more, hemp clothing can break the bank and designer bamboo is perfectly pricey. If bamboo linens can make their way on [...]

7 Reasons To Buy Hemp

It’s as American as apple pie. George Washington and Tomas Jefferson both grew hemp on their plantations. Don’t ask me what else our forefathers were growing… Hemp fabric and paper has a bad reputation. As if we might be tempted to try to roll up a hemp t-shirt and smoke it. The fact is, to [...]