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Are you a Freegan?

Are you a “freegan?”  No, its not a new political party, nor a fringe religion.  But, if you are a freegan, you ARE part of a growing grassroots subculture who shun materialism.
Why pay for something you can get for free?  In other words, considering that one man’s trash is another’s treasure, it may be worth [...]

Goodwill and Garage Sales

I’m on a recycling kick this week.  If you aren’t quite ready to jump into dumpster diving, why not salvage the goods before they get thrown away?  Goodwill and garage sales offer many wonderful treasures at a tiny price, if you are willing to sift through the rest.  You don’t even have to don gloves [...]

One Man’s Trash

We’ve posted about dumpster diving in the past, and it turns out that the “sport,” if you will, is becoming more popular for several reasons.  Economic pressures and saving the environment are just two of the driving forces that cause people to take a second look at what others may leave behind.  One man’s trash [...]

Dumpster Diving For Greenies

First off, before you get any ideas, I have to admit that I have never taken a dive into a dumpster and it is highly unlikely that I ever will. That being said, the idea of dumpster diving is peachy green and if you want to give it a shot and save things from the [...]