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Weather Forecast Calls for a Hot 2011

We've experienced the hottest years on record recently

Sure, the East Coast has been hit especially hard with snowstorms this winter.  But be prepared.  The weather forecast calls for a hot 2011.  In fact, last year tied for the hottest year on record, the result of a long-term warming trend which will continue, according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). Whether you chalk [...]

Climate Change Begins at Home: Life on the Two-Way Street of Global Warming (Paperback)

Review ‘An excellent primer on how to cut your contribution to climate change.’ — BBC Focus Magazine, Autumn 2005′Brilliant work – I am a fan’ — Penney Poyzer of BBC2′s ‘No Waste Like Home”How can Reay be this wise, and still so funny? He has written a brilliant book. Read it and see.’ — Nicola [...]

Six Great Green Blogs

Now that concern for the planet is in fashion again, the web is teeming with new green sites and some old standbys are showing new green life. There is a veritable information banquet out there, all the more exciting ,coming as it does, after the long famine of the Bush years.  It feels like 1975 [...]