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World Cup to Lead Us to Clean Energy?


For football fans (soccer here in the U.S.) worldwide, the World Cup 2010 has been thrilling to watch the past several weeks.  I’ll admit that at my home, when we haven’t been at Little League tournaments over the last month, we’ve been glued to the television, watching some exciting matches.  Maybe even playing our vuvezelas! [...]

Hands Across the Sand


Every day you turn on the news these days, you’re greeted with sickening photographs of the BP oil spill. Not only the reddish sheen on top of the surface, but black blobs marring white beaches, dying birds and dolphins and people directly impacted by the ecological disaster – whose lives will never be the same. [...]

Concern About Climate Change on the Rise


Its not just the BP oil spill that is causing people to re-think their ways.  Overall, concern about climate change is on the rise.  A recent poll by Yale and George Mason Universities shows that more Americans than ever are worried about environmental impacts of CO2 emissions.  Yet, this week, the U.S. Senate considered a [...]

Clean Energy is Blowing in the Wind

Clean Energy is Blowing in the Wind

Clean energy is blowing in the wind in the Pacific Northwest!  That’s right, this month, the Bonneville Power Association reported that it reached a renewable energy milestone with respect to its utility customers in Washington and Oregon.  On August 6, peak wind power was achieved for an hour when more than 2,000 megawatts (MW) were [...]

What’s Up With Iceland and Clean Energy?

Iceland is the little nation that could in terms of clean energy. It’s the place that has harnessed its hydro and tapped into its geothermal like no other place in the world. Iceland is the poster child for green living. It meets 70% of its energy needs through domestic geothermal and hydro power. It imports [...]