SunRun Celebrates Energy Independence Day!

Solar power — By Stephanie on July 9, 2010 at 9:50 am

This is the first guest blog by Nami Sung, from SunRun home solar company.

iStock electrical grid small 682x1024 SunRun Celebrates Energy Independence Day!The fourth of July has come and gone but that doesn’t mean Independence Day is over!  Every day is Energy Independence Day for SunRun and its 5,000 solar homeowners.  We here at SunRun recently asked what energy independence and going solar meant to them and received an overwhelming response on our Energy Independence Day blog post.  While the comments vary, one thing is clear in all the homeowners’ responses: people want to do something about their electricity!

Utility prices are rising and global warming isn’t going anywhere.  Something needs to be done.  Affordable solar with SunRun finally gives homeowners a choice; SunRun home solar is the best alternative to your utility today – not only is it clean, but you can lock in your current electricity rates for the future. No more unpredictable utility rate hikes!

alg oil rig SunRun Celebrates Energy Independence Day!If the comments, emails, and phone calls from our customers have taught us anything, it’s that Energy Independence means different things to different people.  For some, it means freedom from rising electricity costs, for others it means freedom from reliance on imported or dirty energy.  Did you know that 25% of SunRun homeowners are military veterans?  Many of them shared their stories with us, explaining their desire to move from dirty, imported oil to clean power produced right on their roofs.  Rising energy costs and climate change are indeed threats to our nation.  Operation Free is a coalition of vets and security organizations for clean energy in America and their core principles are that oil entangles the United States with hostile regimes and that clean energy will help keep our nation safe and secure.

What does SunRun think?  All of the above.  We believe that the BP oil spill has been the most recent reminder that we need to shift to clean power – a wake-up call to our nation to act.  In fact, we even started a 10,000 Solar Roofs in 2010 cause on Facebook to spread awareness about affordable, clean solar power.  Over 200 members and 7 solar companies have taken up the cause.  It’s heartening to see that people are coming together to create  a clean solar community.  It’s time to think big and act big – and we need everyone’s help.

Check out the comments on our Energy Independence Day blogpost to see what homeowners across the nation think about clean energy and going solar!

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