Go Solar for Earth Day

Solar power — By Stephanie on April 19, 2010 at 6:47 am
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Earth belongs to all of us

Earth Day 2010 is this Thursday, April, 22.  If you are thinking about minimizing your carbon footprint, why not go solar for Earth Day?

Sure, you could install solar panels on your home and unplug from dirty coal-based grid electricity.  But there are other options for you to consider in going green that many may consider to be easier and less expensive.

Solar gadgets can help you recharge your life without having to plug in.  From solar lights to radios and more, we love the variety of solar products found at the UK online shop, Nigel’s Eco Store.

Nigel’s Eco Store carries some cool solar gift ideas for your loved ones (or for yourself) on Earth Day:

1. Sun Jar Solar Light

2. Solar Camp Shower

3. Solio Solar Charger

4. Solar Tent Light

5. Solar Powered Shaver

6. Mini Solar Radio

7. Solar Cool Cap

8. Sunset Solar Garden Globe

9. Solar Car Battery Charger

10. Solar Gorilla

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On Earth Day, remember what its all about!

If you would like to go solar for Earth Day, or any day, be sure to check out the wide range of solar products at Nigel’s Eco Store!

It can be a gift both for you and the planet….

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