Smart Thermostat Includes a Mini-Computer

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SilverPak2 610x406 300x199 Smart Thermostat Includes a Mini Computer

The Silverstat7: a smart thermostat with a mini computer

For years, experts have advised that if you are interested in saving energy, you should install a programmable thermostat in your home.

When you are away and overnight, lower the temperature to 64 degrees Fahrenheit during winter months (70 degrees in the summer); then, when you are in the building, program it to return to a comfortable level.

Many companies produce decent energy saving devices, but this week SilverPac unveiled a high-tech thermostat that includes a mini-computer and gives a real-time energy display.

Shown to the right, the smart thermostat includes a number of features beyond the ordinary heating and cooling features you’d expect.  Seriously – this is so cool – I cannot wait until June 2010 when they go on sale!

Resembling an Apple iPod, the Silverstat 7 has – you guessed it – a 7-inch touch screen display.  With a wi-fi interface, the device can pull electricity usage information from smart meters and “talk” to network-aware appliances over your home wireless network.  Just think… your refrigerator can tell you how efficiently it is running.  You’ll be able to determine how much energy it takes to dry a load of clothes (and just maybe you’ll be encouraged to put up a clothesline instead!).  The smart thermostat runs Windows CE on Intel’s Atom processor.

But that’s not all – use the Silverstat 7 to play FM radio or streaming music from a home network.  It also functions as a calendar (and a clock, of course).

Want one?  Well, in order to use the in-home energy display, you need a smart meter.  Unfortunately, despite the planned release of the Silverstat 7 in June this year, many sconsumers will have to wait until smart meters are installed by their utility company.  Further, individual utilities will have to allow meter information to be available over home wireless networks. That could be 3 years from now – or more.  Check with your local utility to ask about smart meters in your area.

Meanwhile, check out news from International Consumer Electronics Show this week (January 7-10, 2010) for more info. on the new smart thermostat from Silverpac!

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  1. Tara says:

    I like inventions like this that are designed to tie everything together and really make people aware of how much energy they are actually using.

    This one look particularly cool…thanks for the heads up!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Thanks Tara – I hope we get smart meters soon, because I’d sure love knowing what all my appliances are doing. :)

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