Oceans Rapidly Warming

Renewable energy — By Stephanie on September 19, 2008 at 12:34 pm
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Oceans rapidly warming at an alarming rate.

Talk about alarming news! New evidence has emerged that proves that oceans around the world are warming as much as four times faster than originally predicted. In a United Nations report released in April 2008, figures show that the Baltic Sea in particular has warmed 1.35 degrees C over the last quarter century. This is much higher than the average 0.3 degree C rise in ocean temperatures documented in 2007 by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Sound waves traveling through water is one way to measure temperatures and evaluate the rapidly warming oceans.

The causes for the oceans rapidly warming are numerous, from pollutants dumped into rivers and streams, which flow to the oceans, and the effects of more sunlight reaching cold waters worldwide, due to deforestation. If you think that swimming in balmy waters near a beach doesn’t sound too bad, then recognize that as temperatures rise, the pH balance shifts to a more acidic state. Marine animals and other organisms will not survive under such conditions. Eventually, local communities and animals and plants that depend on a stable marine environment will suffer too. We could additionally experience an “accelerated greenhouse effect” because warmer oceans will release more stored carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Nick Nuttall, spokesman for the UN’s environment program, which wrote the report, observed, “A large number of people are dependent on these ecosystems for their livelihood.”

 Oceans Rapidly Warming

With the release of additional CO2 into the atmosphere by rapidly warming oceans, this will only add to the current global warming concerns. More carbon dioxide will increase the greenhouse effect, resulting in a continually warming world. This of course, will continue to melt glaciers and ice, which will further add to rising sea levels. Overall, resulting in more climate changes. It truly is a vicious cycle. Will we continue to disbelieve the reports such as these, until we are confronted with more photos of stranded Polar Bears and gigantic chunks of previously frozen ice falling into the sea? It will take at least 25 years from a significant lowering of CO2 emissions for the globe to see a change in climate and the oceans rapidly warming. We simply do not have the luxury of time to wait for government officials and politicians to finally take steps toward implementation of renewable, clean energy sources. Too much hangs in the balance.

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