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Renewable energy — By Stephanie on June 10, 2009 at 6:57 am
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Green Garbage Jobs coming soon

We’ve blogged about InEnTec here on Peachy Green last year.  Now, the company, based in Bend Oregon, has announced a joint venture with Houston-based Waste Management, Inc. that will result in green garbage jobs across the nation.  The new business venture, called S4 Energy Solutions LLC, is based in Houston, but with an office in Central Oregon, as well.

You may be wondering how “green” and “garbage” can co-exist as part of the same concept?  Well, how about melting waste into synthetic gas that is then refined to produce hydrogen and other fuels to create renewable energy, as well as many green jobs.  Some will be six-figure positions, including about 20 engineers, to start!

InEnTec’s Plasma Enhanced Melter takes municipal garbage and medical waste and blasts it into gas at temperatures up to 20,000 degrees F.  Synthetic gas, produced by the process, can then be further refined, resulting in hydrogen or ethanol.

Talk about the ultimate in recycling!  Using landfill-clogging, and sometimes dangerous waste, and turning it into products to fuel our lives.

Here’s a primer on how the process works:

Says the S4 Energy Solutions’s CEO, Jeff Surma:

“If we ever get to a hydrogen economy, this technology would be a fantastic source of distributed hydrogen that would make hydrogen available all across the country.”

Our previous posts on InEnTec’s PEM process generated quite a bit of controversy.  So we’ll try to nip those fears in the bud.  The garbage is not “burned,” so there are no carbon emissions as a result.  The extremely high temperatures literally melt the waste.  In short, it is nothing like trash incineration.

Still not convinced?  Watch this:

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Consider the waste-to-energy potential here!

The new company hopes to set up plasma enhanced melters across the nation at the 180 landfills operated by Waste Management.  Consider that, if each of those landfills hired 10 more people to work the PEM and help process the waste into synthetic gas, that’s thousands of green garbage jobs!

Each municipal waste unit would process 125 tons of garbage a day.  I wonder how many cars that could fuel?

Stay tuned for more on the waste-to-energy venture, and the exciting prospects for more green garbage jobs – and less landfill-clogging trash!

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