American Wind Energy Association Annual Conference in Dallas

Renewable energy — By Stephanie on May 25, 2010 at 6:21 am
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American Wind Energy Conference in Dallas (image from Ian Munroe on Flickr)

They’re gathering in Dallas,Texas this week for the annual American Wind Energy Association conference.  The AWEA should be … and apparently is…. taking full advantage of shifting winds of sentiment regarding renewable energy in light of the ongoing tragedy of the BP Oil Spill right in its own Gulf of Mexico backdoor.

At the AWEA conference this year, the primary focus is clear and simple:  get us off fossil fuels and spur governmental support of renewable energy.  The 20,000 attendees is a record number (most probably having have signed up before the April 20 BP oil spill disaster).

Yet, support for wind energy has been steadily growing for years.  As people start to realize the finite nature of fossil fuels, the security risks involved with continued reliance on oil and gas, and the environmental drawbacks, renewable energy is a more and more accepted alternative.

One of the most significant efforts of the AEWA this week is to continue to push Congress to pass federal legislation like some of the individual states’ renewable portfolio standards, which require a certain percentage of electricity to come from renewable energy.

Wind energy is promising.   There is no other renewable energy source with as much promise… unless you count dams.  By implementing a national standard for renewable energy, we could create “an interstate highway of transmission capability,” according to American Wind Energy Association conference officials.

Perhaps even more notable is the fact that oil and gas developers have always enjoyed tax incentives since the early 1900s.  Why not give wind a chance?

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