Women are Greener than Men

Going green — By Stephanie on October 14, 2008 at 12:22 pm

When it comes to the environment, who is the most sensitive – women or men?

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Women are Greener than Men: Women Win the Green Competition!

Perhaps the way the question was phrased made the answer more obvious. But, according to a couple of surveys conducted by Ispos Reid , women are greener than men. For example, men tend to view the labeling of a product as good for the environment more skeptically than women. These male naysayers believe that such labels are only a marketing tactic. Not surprisingly, men are less willing to shell out additional cash for a “green” product than women.

Some of the other findings show that green marketing is better received by the gentler sex:

  • Women (51%) are much more likely than men (33%) to “completely agree” that it is important for them to reduce their impact on the environment whenever possible.
  • Women (49%) are far more likely than men (34%) to agree that they are deeply concerned about rising energy costs and are taking a number of significant steps to reduce home energy consumption.
  • Women (58%) are more likely than men (46%) to agree that news about climate change has caused them to be more energy efficient at home.

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    Are women more likely to preserve green valleys like these?

Is it any wonder that we call it “Mother Nature?” Did we really need a survey to tell us that nurturing and caring comes more naturally to women? I think we already knew that women are greener than men.

The good news is that, relative green-ness aside, the survey showed that 91% of American homeowners agree its important to reduce their impact on the environment. But the motivation for doing so is largely (80%) due to rising energy costs, as opposed to a desire to save the planet for future generations (67%) or based on news concerning climate change (52%). In addition, only 12% of homeowners are willing to spend more money to make their homes “green,” unless they are assured they will recoup their investment. In short, “greenbacks” largely affect the “green” movement, at least for now.

It was not revealed whether men, or women, exercised more decision-making power with respect to green investment in home improvements. If stereotypes hold true, one may expect that men exert more influence than women when it comes to home projects. Perhaps, then, its time to focus on reducing the cynicism of men through more education on the importance of reducing energy consumption – not only for budget savings, but planet savings as well.

While the battle of the sexes will continue in this, and other forums, let us not lose sight of what we are all fighting for: a green, healthy environment. In the meantime, the bragging rights are official: women are greener than men! Now, boys – let’s see some improvement on your side in the next round.

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