World Water Day 2010

Going green, Peachy — By Stephanie on March 19, 2010 at 6:23 am
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People worldwide need clean drinking water

Monday March 22, 2010 is World Water Day 2010.  Established by the United Nations in 1992, its purpose is to build awareness of the lack of clean drinking water and basic sanitation suffered by nearly 1 billion people worldwide.

We have a global water crisis.  Every 15 seconds, a child dies from lack of potable water, from preventable diseases like diarrhea.  Millions lack the conveniences we take for granted, like toilet facilities.  That’s why this year’s theme for World Water Day is “Clean Water for a Healthy World.”

Raising awareness of the pressing need to help bring clean water to communities worldwide is necessary, not just to encourage donations ($25 or less can make a big difference), but to pressure elected officials to adopt policies and enact laws to reduce water waste and make a positive difference with respect to this precious resource.

There are solutions we can use to address this crisis, and they do not cost much at all.

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Clean water is scarce in some parts of the world

Across the U.S., organizations are joining together to call for stronger commitments on the part of both governments and the private sector for so-called “WASH” initiatives (water, sanitation and hygiene) in impoverished communities and countries.

In Washington, D.C. on Monday March 22, you can attend events to learn what can be done to save the lives of thousands of children on a daily basis and make a significant difference, like World Water Day: Americans Doing Our Part or Paths Forward for Global Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, co-hosted by Water Advocates and the National Geographic Society.

Then, on Tuesday, March 23, you could attend Health Impact in Developing Countries to get an idea of how WASH programs can make a difference in developing countries.

But importantly, if you will not be in Washington D.C., you can help support World Water Day.  Forward articles such as this one to friends and contacts.  Consider donating to organizations such as these to bring sanitation supplies to developing regions:

Learn about programs like Proctor & Gamble’s PUR Purifier of Water packets, and direct donations to help supply regions with the water purifiers (at no profit to P&G), which remove both impurities and deadly bugs from water.

You CAN make a difference!

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  1. Tara says:

    Water is something many of us take for granted and we often forget how many people don’t have that luxury. But there are a good number of simple things people can do to help make a difference for so many!

  2. I had a dream last night of having filthy water coming out of my filtered water tap. I kept refilling a cup hoping clean water would come out and it never did. Such an odd dream. Then I saw your post. I’ll just take that dream as a gentle nudge to do something and pass this on to others and spread awareness. This is such an important cause. Thanks for posting about it.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Tara and Maurie – thank you for leaving a comment and helping to spread the word about World Water Day and one of the things that so many of us take for granted – clean drinking water!

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