Why Celebrate Earth Day?

Going green, Peachy — By Stephanie on April 22, 2010 at 6:16 am
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The Earth Day Flag

Happy Earth Day!  Its the 40th anniversary of the annual event which, since 1970, has helped raise awareness of environmental and climate-related issues.

But what if you aren’t particularly “green”?  Even if you don’t regularly recycle or buy organic, Earth Day is a reminder for us to take care of what we own.  Just as you launder your clothes, feed your body and tidy your living space, caring for Mother Earth should be habitual, no matter the political party card in your wallet.

If you’re wondering why celebrate Earth Day, we’d love to share a few reasons with you….

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Celebrate clean air and water thanks to Earth Day efforts (image from ex_magician on Flickr)

Principles that apply on Earth Day (and every day) are much the same as the lessons we learned in kindergarten: (1) clean up after yourself; (2) share; (3) don’t take things that aren’t yours; (4) put things back where you found them; and (5) be aware of wonder.

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Melting glaciers (image from Alan Vernon on Flickr)

Just because we had an inclement, snowy winter (or perhaps even spring), remember that climate change means just that — freaky weather that is out of the ordinary.  Do we really need definitive proof that the increase in temps are man-made to change our behavior?

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Mountain lake majesty (image from j_bary on Flickr)

You don’t need to install solar panels or drive an electric car to make a difference.  Whether you decide to volunteer to plant trees, or simply make an extra effort to recycle newspapers and aluminum cans, every little step adds up.

3694248237 d153756281 Why Celebrate Earth Day?

A pair of African Cheetahs (image from Mara 1 on Flickr)

Some endangered species have been dwindling, but others have re-bounded in recent years.  That, in itself, is worth celebrating.  Along with the tireless efforts of people and organizations that work to protect eco-systems and habitat and go after poachers that threaten recovery.

3637383936 236b17355a Why Celebrate Earth Day?

Painted Hills in Central Oregon (image from bobshots on Flickr)

Enactment of environmental laws helps ensure that natural treasures will be preserved for decades and future generations to enjoy.  What if the National Park system was not established?  How often do you visit or enjoy State Parks?  Earth Day is a perfect opportunity to reflect on your favorite excursions and camping grounds.

2038548145 ca09975670 Why Celebrate Earth Day?

Morning on the Colorado River (image from stevendamron on Flickr)

How about a change from “selfish” to “selfless”?  Thinking about the greater needs of humanity in general – from water to shelter to natural resources – feels better than just using what you need without reflection or thought.  Why not reduce your water consumption, eat vegetarian one day a week, or take steps to reduce junk mail?  All of these steps will result in time and money savings to you.  The added “feel-good” factor is a nice bonus.

4080435601 773d04a3d7 Why Celebrate Earth Day?

Wolves rebounding in the wild (image from photos8.com on Flickr)

How is your life better on Earth Day 2010 than it was a year ago?  What changes are you willing to make today, or in the weeks and months ahead?

How ever you mark the occasion, consider why you should celebrate Earth Day every day!

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  1. Glen says:

    Nice pictures. Earth day is a great day to celebrate, admire and give back to our home.

    It is similar to the Jewish holiday Tu Bishvat.

  2. I think your idea of selfless is at the heart of stewardship of the Earth. Nice work.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Thank you Glen – some would definitely say that our responsibility to the Earth has, or should have, religious overtones.

    Hi Glenn – thank you so much. We need to adjust our attitudes to preserve our planet for the future.

  4. nisha says:

    I think we have to celebrate this great day , in all day with some decison like as to conserve our environment neat and clean .

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