Obama’s Green Agenda “Begins With Jobs”

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Obama's Agenda begins with jobs

I am writing this post as I watch the first address by President Obama to a joint session of Congress.  While the President garnered many standing ovations over the hour of his speech, applause rang loud and long when he declared that his agenda “begins with jobs.”

And what jobs are we talking about?  Installing solar panels, wind turbines and other renewable energy investments that will help drive the economy forward.

But it doesn’t stop there.  Obama also emphasized that we need,” new jobs, new industries and a chance to compete with the rest of the world.”  The President looked out at the crowd and asked for a Vision for America that includes a blueprint for the future and is based on the “stark reality of what we have inherited.”  Everyone (including the President) will have to “sacrifice some worthy priorities for which there are no dollars.”

I was inspired by Obama’s reference to “promise among peril.”  He outlined a plan that calls for investment in three critical areas: energy, health care and education.  But he noted that our efforts begin with energy.  We are talking about clean, renewable energy that will lead us in the 21st century.  While China and Germany may be ahead of us, it is “time for America to lead again.”

Obama promised that we can double the nation’s supply of renewable energy in the next three years.  In so doing, we will put Americans to work and make clean, renewable energy profitable.  Look for a market based cap on CO2 emissions to come out of Congress in the month’s ahead.  In addition, the new stimulus bill provides for $15 billion a year in order to advance solar, wind, biofuels and efficient vehicle technology.

Its too early to give you some excerpts from the President’s address, but it is informative to view video from 3 days ago:

Here is an excerpt of CBS’s news cast just hours before the Obama Address:

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Obama - Green Agenda and Hope for the Future

Near the end of his address, Obama observed that we are standing at a crossroads of history, and that “hope is found in unlikely places.”  He ended with a call to “put the people back to work and re-start the engine of prosperity.”

Hope rang through, loud and clear, even with acknowledgment of the difficulties of the challenges ahead.

Did you watch the President’s address?  What do you have to say about it?

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