Eco-Friendly Kitchen Gadgets Add Fun and Flavor to Homecooked Meals

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thumb 6742 Eco Friendly Kitchen Gadgets Add Fun and Flavor to Homecooked Meals

Meet "The Greens" Eco-friendly kitchen gadgets

If one of your New Years Resolutions is to cook more at home, then we have just the eco-friendly kitchen gadgets to help you stick to your goals.  “The Greens,” by Boston Warehouse, are a series of kitchen tools that are formulated from recycled plastic and wood into whimsical characters, all of which have a name.

For example, the wine opener is a snooty-looking chap named “Opie Green.”  You can also choose among Marshall Green (a potato masher), Brandon Green (a veggie peeler), Mayor Corey Green (an apple peeler), and Sud Green (a dish brush).  There are many other colorful, fun characters.

Each eco-friendly kitchen gadget is priced around $10.   When their life in your kitchen is at an end, The Greens can also be recycled.

I think The Greens would be a great idea for a wedding present or housewarming gift.  Why not get a stash of these characters and dole them out as hostess thank yous?

Then again, once The Greens get into your home, you may never want them to leave!

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    Do you know where these products were made?

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    Let me check for you – I will add the information to the post. Best to you

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