How to Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Going green — By Stephanie on December 29, 2010 at 7:00 am
recycle your christmas tree How to Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Give a gift to the Earth: recycle your Christmas tree

Now that all the presents have been unwrapped, your Christmas tree may be looking a little sad these days.  If you have a “real” Christmas tree, its probably time to think about taking it down before it drops any more needles.  Along with boxing up the ornaments and winding the strands of lights, you’ll want to recycle your Christmas tree.

Its relatively easy to find tree recycling locations, or you could see if the local Boy Scout Troop collects trees curbside to take them to yard waste recycling facilities for a small $5-10 donation.  As long as your tree is bare and not flocked, it can be composted,or chipped into landscaping bark for reuse.  Most tree recycling locations charge a nominal fee ($3-5) to cover operational costs.

Make it a New Years Resolution to recycle your tree as soon as possible.  Many tree recycling programs only last a few weeks into January.  And besides, you’ll want to take down that fire hazard for safety’s sake.

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Turning Christmas trees into mulch helps the environment

If you don’t want to take your tree to a recycling facility, there are other options for you – provided you don’t trash your tree.  If you have a wood-burning fireplace, chop the tree and branches into firewood/kindling.  Needles can be spread in your yard as mulch.  You can also donate the chopped wood to a neighbor.

Another green Christmas tree disposal idea is to get permission to place it in a pond or stream.  Like a tree in the forest that falls into a lake or river, your Christmas tree can provide shelter for fish and add nutrients to the water.

Oh, and if you are really sad about saying good bye to your Christmas tree this year, why not give it a good send-off?

Happy New Year!

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