Greenpeace Shuts Down BP Stations Across London

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oilspill greenpeace 420x0 Greenpeace Shuts Down BP Stations Across London

Greenpeace makes headway in protesting BP in London

Last week, Greenpeace activists shut down BP stations across London.  More than 40 gas stations were unable to do business when teams protesting the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico – and off-shore oil drilling – dismantled gas pumps.

Working in coordinated groups, impassioned volunteers went from station to station, disrupting operations at BP stations across London.

Regardless of the fact that the oil spill has finally slowed to a trickle after 3 months of steady flow, Greenpeace wants to ensure that the new boss of Greenpeace – Bob Dudley – will put environmental protection at the top of BP’s priorities.  According to their press release:

We already have the tools we need to leave it behind and move towards a clean energy future. All that’s missing is the determination to make it happen fast.

Greenpeace members are asking for the public to write to the transport minister, pushing for positive change and to ditch the spin and actually move ‘beyond petroleum’.

For those of us in the USA, follow this link to Tell Congress: No new drilling, period!

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