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Let's get the work done so we can go outside and play!

Can you believe its already March?  Two months under our belt in 2010, and time to start thinking about the next season which is just two weeks away!

With the longer, warmer days, its a great time to throw open the windows and get some fresh air inside.  Another annual ritual in many households is to jump start the new season with some (green) spring cleaning.

Particularly if you have young children, pets, elderly people, or those with compromised immune systems, you should take care in scrubbing your home from top to bottom.  Indoor air quality is a significant concern that we should take more seriously – from mold, dust, and other allergens to dangerous outgassing of carpets, flooring, paint and more.  Simply cleaning your home with bleach and other chemicals can negatively affect the indoor environment for hours.

Fortunately, we can be wise consumers and select – or make – household cleaners and home improvement materials that are eco-friendly and safe.  Plus, how nice will it be to simply enjoy the smell of spring, unmasked by strong smelling chemicals?

Here’s some Peachy Green spring cleaning tips to get you inspired!

1.  Use lemon, baking soda, toothpaste and vinegar instead of harsh cleaning chemicals.  You’ll save time, money, packaging and have a much nicer smelling home at the end!  Here’s a great article with ideas of safe, non-toxic cleaners.

2.  Cold water wash and hang to dry.  If its still too wet and cold outside, get some clothes drying racks to save energy indoors.

3.  Avoid dry cleaning pillows, draperies and bedding.  Spot clean, then freshen with baking soda and a 2-hour “sun bath.”

open window......

Let the fresh air in!

4.  Open windows to freshen the air, rather than using sprays and plug-in products.  If that doesn’t do the trick, consider clipping some fresh herbs (lavender, lemon thyme etc) and placing them in a small vase.

5.  Clean out your closets and repurpose, recycle and upcycle!  Clothing can be crafted into pillows, doll clothes, stuffed animals and more.  Don’t forget to send old shoes to Soles4Soles and other charitable organizations.

6.  Organize your drawers and recycle old cell phones, chargers, batteries and other tech gadgets.  Chances are, there is a donation program in your hometown that will send your gadgets to servicemen and women, or help a needy segment of the population.

Bamboo flooring, double glazed door, plenty of light

Bamboo flooring for a healthy eco-choice

7.  For home improvement projects, choose low-VOC paints or varnishes to prevent outgassing and you know… that icky paint smell.  When it comes to floor coverings, bamboo is popular and very eco-friendly compared to hardwoods.  Its also easier to keep clean and less toxic than carpeting.

8.  Keep it tidy!  The indoor air quality at your home can be significantly improved just by removing dust build up frequently (a soft, very lightly damp cloth is very effective).  Wash and dry damp clothing to prevent mold and mildew growth  – especially towels!

Now that the place is clean and green… let’s get outdoors and have some fun!

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3 Responses to “Green Spring Cleaning”

  1. Some great tips….I really need to get onto some Spring Cleaning! :) Definitely a must to open the windows and let in the fresh air.

  2. I hear you! I was inspired to write this post when looking around at all the “projects” at my home. Bring on spring!


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