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Going green — By Stephanie on April 13, 2009 at 10:39 am

earthmovie 211x300 Earth: The MovieComing to theaters next Wednesday, April 22, on Earth Day, is “Earth,” a film produced by Disneynature with the BBC and Greenlight Media.  Much more than your average nature documentary, the movie captures rare footage of three animal families in amazing locations around the globe, over the course of a year.  Narrated by James Earl Jones, this is a not-to-miss event for kids from 1-99.

With breathtaking scenery and the fragility of life on planet Earth on display, it would be difficult not to be moved to consider more responsible action to care for our island home.

Just watch the trailer below and see if you get chills, like I do:

Earth Day is an annual event, celebrated April 22 each year since 1970 – originating in my hometown of Seattle, Washington.  The purpose is to increase awareness of environmental issues and the need to care for and appreciate the resources of our planet.  As the world literally heats up, Earth Day has become more prevalent and recognized in mainstream media.  One hopes that all the talk will inspire some action!

The movie “Earth” does not specifically tell you what to do to save the planet.  Instead, it is an incredible 90 minute ride to showcase the natural gems – species and environments – that may be at risk if we continue on our selfish paths.

“At Disneynature, we will work with the world’s greatest documentary filmmakers to show audiences the beauty and drama of nature, said Jean-Francois Camilleri, who will be heading up the new production unit from Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures (France).  In addition to providing compelling entertainment that audiences of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy, we also hope to raise awareness of the many ways that everyone and anyone can do their part to help the planet.”

We already have our tickets for next Wednesday.  Will you be going too?

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