Earth Day Climate Rally a Success

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26 Earth Day Climate Rally a Success

Climate Rally in D.C. April 25, 2010

On Sunday, April 25, a massive climate rally in Washington, D.C. took place on the Mall to mark Earth Day’s 40th anniversary.  Thousands of people crowded in to listen to inspirational speakers and hear impressive music artists.  The overall goal is to raise awareness of issues related to global climate change and inspire Congress to take action now to adopt new legislation to discourage use of fossil fuels and get our country to adopt meaningful cap and trade laws.

I was fortunate enough to be in attendance, after winning the Create the Good “Go Green” Sweepstakes.  Thanks to the AARP, Expedia and Starwood hotels, my husband and I have traveled all the way from Bend, Oregon to attend the climate rally this weekend.

And what a weekend we’ve had!

23 Earth Day Climate Rally a Success

Crowds gathering on the Mall for Earth Day celebrations

You might be wondering why this year’s climate rally was such a big deal?

For starters, its the 40th anniversary of Earth Day (full disclosure, its been around almost as long as I have).  Our world is facing a number of serious issues as a result of rampant fossil fuel use, greenhouse gas emissions, threatened survival of numerous species and more.

When we listened to speakers like Jesse Jackson, Trudy Styler, and the Earth Day Network President, we could not help but think… what more could we do to help the planet?

25 Earth Day Climate Rally a Success

Love your Mother Earth.... on Earth Day and always!

On the Mall, numerous tents and stalls were set up to help those in attendance learn how to go green (or greener).  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also had a large tented area to help educate kids and parents alike.

I loved hearing about the Chevy Volt, in particular (I have a soft spot for electric vehicles).  I’m not sure the GM guy knew what he was getting into when he asked me if I had any questions…. But despite this photo, I have no plans to be an auto show model (LOL!):

24 Earth Day Climate Rally a Success

Chevy Volt is looking good!

As the day went on, the crowds and excitement grew at the Climate Rally.  By 6:00, John Legend was on stage, and many of us “older kids” were eagerly awaiting the arrival of Sting!

Just look at this awesome shot of the throngs of people on the Mall!

27 Earth Day Climate Rally a Success

Huge crowds at the Climate Rally in Washington, D.C.

The end of the day long Climate Rally brought environmental activist and well-known musical artist, Sting to the stage.  He sang “Fragile” and “Message in a Bottle,” among several favorites.

What an impressive, inspirational end to the Earth Day Climate Rally!

28 Earth Day Climate Rally a Success

Sting wraps up a benefit concert on the Mall in D.C. for the Earth Day Climate Rally

Today, we’ll hit a few museums and act like a tourist for the day before we head back to the West Coast.  Our Washington, D.C. adventure has been amazing – from the Earth Day climate rally, to meeting on line friends including Twilight Earth’s Adam Shake and Peachy Green co-founder, Roberta Kyle (@pinkpackrat).

Stay tuned for more Earth Day news – both here on Peachy Green and from our Congressional leaders!

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