Eagles Going Green At Lincoln Financial Field

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 Eagles Going Green At Lincoln Financial Field

Lincoln Financial Field - The Home of the Philadelphia Eagles - goes Green

In a time when the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement is going to come into full focus with the topic of money being the big difference on both sides of the table, one team is looking for a greener way to make – or save – some green.

The Philadelphia Eagles, who were among many Super Bowl predictions to win the NFL trophy this season, will start renovating their stadium, now that it’s not going to be occupied.

On Thursday, the Eagles announced that Lincoln Financial Field will make some of the most ambitious renovations to become self-sufficient with energy 2.500 solar panels will be installed along with 80 20-foot-high wind turbines and a generator that runs on natural gas and biodiesel.

When you do the math, the Lincoln Financial Field will be the first stadium in sports that will be capable of supplying all of its own energy.

Solar Blue, a Florida-based company will spend more than $30 million to make the energy-producing renovations that should be ready for next season.

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Artist's rendering of the "greener" Lincoln Financial Field

The truth is that pro stadiums only account for a small fraction of the nation’s energy usage but there is a general perception that they are wasteful. And with millions of fans using the stadiums – and many millions more seeing them on TV – throughout the season, seeing an example of being energy efficient may influence the little guy to follow the footsteps of the big guy.

The green movement doesn’t end there for the team that dawns green as their major color. The Eagles will introduce low-flush toilets with toilet paper that is made from 100% recycled fibers,

Overall, the Eagles are starting an excellent initiative that many other stadiums should start to follow in the coming years.

While the NFL owners and players continue to fight in the trenches of how to divide a big pie of money that the game produces, it’s nice to see a team make a positive step toward conserving and reusing.

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    i dont think it takes math to figure out that the eagles are the only stadium like this.

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