Chevy Volt Packs Quite A Jolt

Electric cars, Going green — By Roberta on August 12, 2009 at 8:50 am
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Chevy Volt

GM’s long awaited electric hybrid, the Chevy Volt, is ready for the 2010 model year and will get a stunning 230 miles per gallon of gas, according to General Motors. That’s quite a jolt of juice.

That’s right. I said two hundred thirty miles per gallon.  We are talking triple digits and a serious potential for changing the entire transportation paradigm in the United States, where outside of a few major metropolitan areas there is little in the way of public transportation, and where most people depend on their cars  for all their daily transportation needs.

When you consider that most new conventional American cars get about 25 mpg , and even the champ of  hybrids, the Toyota Prius, gets a mere 52mpg, the feat that GM has pulled off with the Volt seems even more amazing.

The Volt is really the first practical, economical, emission free electric car.  It is designed to run on electric power for about 40 miles, after which a small gasoline engine kicks in to recharge the battery, giving it a total range of more than 300 miles. The battery can be recharged by plugging in to an ordinary home electrical outlet.

We’ve been following the Volt here on Peachygreen for the past year because we think it not only offers hope for the greening of the globe, but also represents the best of the American entrepreneurial spirit at a time when it is greatly needed.The American Automobile industry may be down, but don’t count it out yet.

3368898901 4179bdd5c5 m Chevy Volt Packs Quite A Jolt I’m betting the Chevy Volt can save the day, even with a sticker price rumored to be in the $40,000 range.  For starters, there will be up to $7500 available  in rebates and tax credits, at least for the next year or so.  Plus with elegant, comfortable styling in the best tradition of American luxury, along with that eye popping gas mileage, and zero emissions, I think the Volt is going to be the leading edge of America’s new green automobile industry.

I don’t know about you, but I want one.

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  1. Ben says: just conducted a study with 300 viewers of a news clip featuring General Motors’ new Chevy Volt. The results showed that 55% of respondents who reported that they were likely to purchase a car in the next year indicated that they would consider the Chevy Volt. For more in-depth results, please visit

  2. Roberta says:

    Very interesting, Ben. Thanks for sharing

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