Autumn Hues

Going green — By on October 25, 2008 at 10:12 am
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A Peachy Gold Tree

Driving to work this morning, the sun shone warmly on the amazing autumn hues of the trees and shrubs lining the street. Mother Nature puts on quite a show this time of year! Rich deep reds, burnt oranges and even peachy golds – its hard to believe that just a month ago, the trees were dressed in their summer greens.

As an avid (amatuer) photographer, I am always looking for a shot. My sister teases me that most of the albums I email to her contain more pictures of nature than my children! (“good thing you included a mountain,” she said last time). I laugh, but at the same time, how can I resist capturing the autumn hues that are so short-lived this time of year? Some of the trees have already lost so many leaves that they stand in a puddle of brownish-yellow debris. The remaining foilage clings desparately to the branches, until a strong wind breezes through to strip the trees bare.

Fall is an ideal time to get out and enjoy nature.

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Like sunshine on branches, this tree is aglow with beautiful autumn hues

Whether you enjoy taking photographs, playing with children at a park, or simply taking a dog for a walk, Mother Nature treats us with temperate days and glorious autumn hues that, to me, signal the anticipation of the holiday season. Don’t forget the annual trip to the pumpkin patch! Nothing says fall like the cheery, orange colors of a field of pumpkins. If you have children, you might want to consider bringing the glowing autumn hues of the great outdoors inside. Gather pinecones together, work on leaf rubbings with crayons, and prepare a simple bird feeder with peanut butter, pinecones and bird seed. You could even visit the craft store to get materials to make your very own cornucopia, adding seasonal fruits, flowers and vegetables to the decoration. These small activities help encourage young people to appreciate nature’s bounty and revere the changing seasons.

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Don't you feel like going to the pumkpin patch right now?

I truly believe that life is too short to allow ourselves to be wrapped up in little, mundane activities that take us away from our roots. You should definitely schedule a day, or even a few hours without interruption so you can quietly contemplate the beauty of nature and the golden autumn hues that are splashed over the hills this special time of year.

You won’t regret the time you spend. But you may regret not doing so.

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