Acer Computers Growing a Greener Laptop

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acer laptop 300x260 Acer Computers Growing a Greener Laptop

A greener laptop from Acer Computers

Recently, we posted about the Greenpeace guide to greener electronics.  Now, its time to showcase one of the positively rated electronics companies.

Last week, Acer Computers announced the production of two new laptop computers that are as green as they come.  In fact, they have already been heralded by Greenpeace.

The Acer Aspire 3811TZ and Aspire 3811TZG are among the most eco-friendly computers out there.  They are not only energy efficient, but also recyclable and biodegradable.  Specifically, you won’t find any PVCs (polyvinyl chloride) or BFRs (brominated flame retardants) in these laptops!

OK, I know – here we go with the acronyms again…. So, let’s break it down.  PVC is a non-biodegradable plastic that emits toxic substances when not properly disposed of.  BFRs include a cocktail of chemicals that can cause harm when they leech into groundwater (again, when the products in which they are used are not recycled).

Acer proudly announced the elimination of these materials from its new laptop computers:

“The chemical characteristics of PVC and BFRs may generate toxic substances like dioxins and furans at products’ end-of-life, therefore, the reduction of PVC and BFRs in Acer products will help protect our environment from being poisoned by electronics goods.”

images 2 300x300 Acer Computers Growing a Greener Laptop

Acer is producing several green laptops

Not only do the new Acer computers utilize eco-friendly materials, but they can also reduce your electricity bill.  Compared to traditional notebooks, the Acer products will save up to 40% on energy consumption, while providing 8 hours of battery life (wow, even my trusty MacBook can only last 4 hours, tops!)

Equally impressive is the fact that you won’t have to replace your entire Acer any time soon.  Just replace one of many modular parts, and you won’t have to invest in a new notebook for years to come.

The new Acer computers are “CULVs,” or consumer ultra-low voltage.  Those in the industry (and other geeks) know that CULVs are small and light, like netbooks, but have greater power and performance.

Many are applauding the announcement of the new Acer Aspire computers.  Finally, five years after promising to eliminate PVCs and BFRs, the company is finally making good!

Greenpeace is pretty happy – yet there is still room for improvement. Once Acer kicks it up a notch in offering better recycling and disposal for old models, it may score even higher on the green electronics score.

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