5 Un-Peachy Green Things

Going green — By Stephanie on October 20, 2008 at 10:43 am
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Garbage Everywhere!

You should know by now that the authors of this blog are pretty peachy green. At least, we’re trying to be! Some things are easy to do (turn off lights and appliances when you leave, recycle, drive the speed limit), and other things take more work. Over the past three months as we have been working on Peachy Green and becoming more aware of our fragile environment, we have noticed a number of practices that make us cringe! We’re putting together a short list of 5 un-Peachy Green things that humans do, and can easily change. I hope that this short reminder will get you back on the right-track for preserving the environment.

1. Littering: I am old enough to remember the stirring commercial here in the United States of a Native American crying as he considers the litter along the highway of lands that they once considered to be theirs:

I wonder why, 25 years after this first aired, we still see piles of litter along every major thoroughfare? It is really easy to corral your garbage within your vehicle and then toss or recycle it when you get home (or to a good stop). Aluminum cans are accepted for recycling at most major grocery outlets and other recycling centers. In states like Oregon, there is a surcharge for buying any drinks that are sold in cans to encourage people to save the cans rather than throw them into the garbage. It won’t take long for the change to add up! Other trash (particularly fast food wrappers) is not difficult to throw away in bins, rather than along the sides of the road. Take this small step to be Peachy Green!

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How many puppies is too many?

2. Forgetting to Neuter Your Pet. Some people may ask… what harm does it do if my pet reproduces? The answer is very straightforward and simple. The more animals there are, the more food they need and the greater the probability that there will be more hungry, ill-cared for dogs, cats and rabbits. Its not fair to anyone to continue the cycle. Stop putting the strain on the environment to care for unwanted pets. It is so easy!

3. Not Maintaining Your Vehicle. In order to be as Peachy Green as possible, you should regularly service your car or truck. You will burn less fuel and emit fewer greenhouse gases if your tires are properly inflated, your engine is in top shape, and your oil is changed. Are you overwhelmed by these responsibilities? Rest assured, for some women and other less mechanically-inclined individuals, you can stop by almost any service station for a minimal charge and have the personnel do all of the above. Just explain that you are going green and most people will jump on the chance to help you!

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Unplug your toaster before you leave

4. Leaving electrical appliances turned on. Anything that is plugged in should be removed from the outlet during the time you are out of the house. All lights should be switched off and your computer shut all the way down. Too often, people leave appliances plugged in (don’t forget the toothbrush) for convenience’s sake. But the cost of this habit is too much, not only for your pocketbook, but the environment as well. For example, the average American can save $250 a year simply by turning off their computer on a daily basis. There are many small steps you can take that will really add up over a year – not only for your bills, but also your carbon footprint. Un-plug it!

5. Wasting domestic water supplies. Taking too long of a shower, or enjoying a bath, should be a treat rather than a regular occurrence. Never leave the water running while you are brushing your teeth. Judiciously flush the toilet (not to get rid of a wadded up kleenex).

Don’t let it run!

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Turn it off!

Consider installing low-flow faucet or flow restrictors and definitely insulate your hot water pipes and water heater. You may be surprised on the amount of water and energy you can save.

The bottom line is that there are a number of small steps you take can make a big difference for the environment. Join us in the Peachy Green movement and spread the word. Be a little more aware of the impacts you are having on the world around you and leave things greener for the next generation.

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