40 Ways to Go Green for Earth Day’s 40th Anniversary

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Earth Day is everyday!

Earth Day is just three weeks away, on April 22, 2010, and its the 40th anniversary of the annual day of recognition of our Earth’s precious resources and the need to live in a sustainable manner.

With the acknowledgment that Earth Day is every day, let’s review 40 ways you can go green this month (or any day, for that matter):

1.  Bring reusable canvas shopping bags to the store

2. Purchase products with minimal packaging

3. Buy organic fruits and vegetables

4. Plan at least one vegetarian meal per week

5. Learn and follow your local recycling guidelines

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Honor Your Mother!

6.  Walk or ride your bicycle instead of driving

7.  Consolidate driving trips to minimize fuel usage

8.  Check your tire pressure to ensure inflation to proper levels

9.  Reduce speed to save on gas

10. Consider a hybrid or electric vehicle

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Think big with a small car

11.  Ride mass transit

12.  Carpool

13.  Sell one of the family cars; reduce to a single vehicle

14.  Stop sudden braking and acceleration

15.  Regularly maintain your vehicle to optimize gas mileage

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Get in touch with your green side

16.  Plant a vegetable garden

17.  Compost food scraps

18.  Shun chemical fertilizers and weed killers

19.  Use a push mower instead of gas

20.  Rake and sweep rather than using a leaf blower

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Refresh and renew in the garden

21.  Encourage bees with a wildflower garden

22.  Plant a tree

23.  Incorporate passive solar practices to help heat or cool your home

24.  Turn your thermostat down (or up), depending on the season

25.  Install a programmable thermostat

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Green your home and your way of life

26.  Wash in cold water

27.  Hang clothes to dry (indoors or out!)

28.  Run dishwasher less frequently

29.  Turn off water while washing face or brushing teeth

30.  Take shorter showers

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Its the original solar clothes dryer!

31.  Stop buying plastic water bottles

32.  Bring your own mug to the coffee store

33.  Consider organic fabrics

34.  Recycle your electronics – cell phones, batteries, computers, etc.

35.  Purchase Fair Trade products

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Take a responsible sip

36.  Get outdoors and enjoy the scenery!

37.  Make your own household cleaners using baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice

38.  Upcycle or recycle items that you no longer need or use for their original purpose

39.  Resell or give away items at a garage sale or donate to Goodwill

40.  Consider solar panels or residential wind turbines

How are you going to celebrate Earth Day this year?  Do you have any going green tips to share?

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