Who Got Killed by the Electric Car?

Electric cars — By Stephanie on October 11, 2008 at 9:22 am

Years ago, before the Chevy Volt, General Motors produced an electric car called the EV1. The future was not bright for that car, however, and GM eventually took it off the market for a number of reasons, just three years after the EV1 was introduced. The company went back to producing gas guzzling SUVs and other less environmentally-sensible cars. Electric cars were indefinitely shelved.

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A serious documentary entitled “Who Killed the Electric Car?” was released in 2006. The film sparked debates regarding whether an electric car could ever be manufactured with enough power, range and practicability for the average consumer. Theories about the real reason for the demise of the EV1 make this documentary extra-juicy and political.

Of course with the announced release of the Chevy Volt in 2010, GM appears to have turned the renewable energy corner. But we can still find some humor in a video spoof entitled, Who Got Killed by the Electric Car?

Watch as 5 individuals end up in heaven because they didn’t understand the proper functioning of an electric car. And just who is that person behind each angel? This definitely makes me curious as to: What would Jesus drive?

Clips from Who Killed the Electric Car:

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