Chevy Volt – Electric Excitement

Electric cars — By Stephanie on September 16, 2008 at 2:49 pm
 Chevy Volt   Electric Excitement
On September 16, GM finally unveiled its much-anticipated (and hyped) Chevy Volt electric car. Although consumers will not be able to drive this baby until 2010, they did get a good look at what environmentally-conscious (and fuel-efficient) consumers will be parking in their garages very soon. Vehicles like the Volt will be powered solely by electricity for the first 40 miles of travel. How does 2 cents per mile sound? That’s all it will cost to charge the battery for electrical use only. Simply plug into an ordinary outlet for several hours. The battery can be recharged while you are at work!
For those with longer commutes or travel plans up to 300 miles, the battery will be recharged “on the fly” by electricity generated by a small gasoline engine. Not only does the Chevy Volt look hot, it drives and handles like a true sports car. Speeds up to 100 mph are viable, with strong 150 HP-equivalent power. Zero to 60 MPH in about 9 seconds. Not too shabby!

 Chevy Volt   Electric Excitement

The Volt will seat 4 people and has a state-of-the-art interior design. Drivers and front-seat passengers will sit down into a cockpit that strongly resembles a classic Corvette. A fairly simple display will show electrical use, miles remaining and whether the battery is being recharged by the gasoline engine. Although the sticker price for the Chevy Volt is not official, many estimate that it will cost upwards of $40,000. If you are more interested in a plug-in electric hybrid that runs on both electricity and gasoline, you can look into a GM Saturn Vue Plug-In Electric SUV – available in 2009! The Volt, however, is strictly an electric car. Gasoline does not power the cars’ wheels.

Interested? Better get in line! Only 10,000 Chevy Volts will be produced by GM in its first year. Time to get electrified!

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