A New Green Ford

Electric cars — By Roberta on May 7, 2009 at 4:08 pm

2882822713 0022ca326a m A New Green FordWhile Chrysler is in bankruptcy and GM is trying desperately to avoid the same fate, Ford is emerging as a new green company nimble enough to adapt and ready to perform globally in a new green economy.

Not only is Ford the only one of the three US auto companies that did not take government bailout money, it is  also the only one that is making practical moves that will ensure its survival as a manufacturer of American automobiles in America. Good for consumers. Good for American workers and good for the global economy. Ford is going green and taking America along for the ride.

Bye Bye Trucks and SUVs

Ford CEO, Alan Mulally, announced yesterday that the company will invest 2096896285 abbdbc0367 m A New Green Ford$550 million in converting a Michigan plant that used to produce gas guzzling trucks and SUVs to a facility dedicated to turning out small, energy efficient cars for a global market.  Better yet, is the fact that the plant will also build Ford’s first all electric battery-powered Focus which is due in 2011 and will be the incubator of a number of other electric models now in the planning stages.

If the other two major American automakers don’t survive, which could well happen, Ford will be even better positioned to carry out its new green agenda.

I can definitely see a Ford in my future. How about you?

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  1. Robert Lee says:

    The future’s bright, the future’s Green!

    As a global manufacturer, it’s great news that Ford is helping to cut emissions from their cars. Buiding an all electric battery powered Focus car will help to accelerate the number of green cars around the world not just in America.

    Driving green cars helps consumers to save money, tackle climate change and gives a much needed boost to the job industry by providing thousands of green jobs.

    There’s no reason that one day, we should all be driving green cars whether they are electric, hydrogen or compressed air (yes there are compressed air cars out there) powered.

    Robert Lee
    The Climate Change Challenge

  2. Roberta says:

    I’ totally agree Robert that we’ll all be driving green cars one day and I further surmise that that day is not as far away as many people think. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your POV I’m with you all the way on a bright, green future:-)

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