America’s Wild Horses at Risk

Wildlife — By Amy on September 25, 2008 at 1:55 pm
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The Wild Horse

A majestic symbol of American freedom, the wild horses of the west represent the pioneer spirit and heart of our country. I was heartbroken when I discovered that these wild horses, once considered a national treasure are now being mistreated, devalued and led to slaughter by the very institution that was established to protect them.

The Bureau of Land Management is supposed to be the protector of these uniquely American wild horses. They’re not doing their job. They are recklessly encouraging adoption of wild horses to the lowest bidder. The lowest bidder is often a slaughterhouse. The government insists on rounding them up and penning them to prevent them from eating food on federal land and supposedly overrunning other wildlife. These wild horses, numbering between 8-10 thousand are not allowed to graze on the same federal land that private cattle ranchers use to graze their 3 million cattle.

That’s not even the worst news. The BLM is taking it one step further. Budgets for maintaining and adopting out the captured wild horses has been cut by millions of dollars this year. Euthanasia seems to be their solution. Approximately 8,000 wild horses are currently threatened.

Please take the time to watch this important video and understand the issue fully. If you are a horse lover, brace yourself. This is going to hurt.

Our wild horses deserve better. Here are a few more facts to consider.

  • There are options, including stabilizing the herds on dedicated lands, cooperating with land owners of large properties, or careful fertilization management.
  • The program as it now exists is costing tax payers 39 million dollars annually.
  • The BLM is targeting 70% of the remaining wild horses in a way that will not ensure genetic viability.
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This quote from Wild Horse Preservation a non-profit seeking to protect our wild horses and see the The WildFree-Roaming Horse and Burro Act enforced properly, says it all:

“Although in-the-wild management would save millions of tax-dollars, special interests have been successful in pressuring the government to systematically remove wild horses from public lands – specifically corporate cattle interests who want our horses replaced with private cattle for subsidized grazing.”

What can we do? Sign the petition to save our nations majestic wild horses. Spread the word.

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  1. Thx for bringing my attention to this travesty. The wild horses are such beautiful animals, and the symbol of freedom like it mentioned in the video.

    Is nothing sacred anymore? This makes me angry!

  2. Amy says:

    Hi Shirley – it really does seem like nothing is sacred anymore. The video explains the problem so well, but I can’t seem to “shake” some of those images out of my head. Very disturbing…

  3. design says:

    The largest public landowner: The Bureau of Land Management-BLM
    Only a bunch corrupted of butchers???

  4. Dianna Wilder says:

    Save these beautiful creatures. This is a horrible ordeal and we should all try to help stop this inhumane practice! The horses were here before we were! They deserve to live and prosper.

  5. bud smith says:

    Horses were not here before we were. The wild horse herds are mostly from horses that were turned loose or escaped from man. If you want a cause, native americans were here before us and they are not on earth as prey animals like horses originally were.

  6. Roxy says:

    bud smith,

    Actually horses, the very original horse in the whole world is from North America before man and migrated from here to the rest of the world by the bearing straight (Google George Knapp “Stampede to Obliviion” for a current investistigative report. Also, has many links and much information).

    They did go extinct in North America, though some believe there were still original wild horses in isolated pockets, but were returned to North America by the Spanish and Lewis and Clark expiditions, as you indicate 500 and 200 years ago. And have thrived in ecological balance with nature until man started messing with nature for greed, profit and power at the turn of the last century.

    Further, there are many Native Americans working hard to protect the current American Wild Horse in their original habitats.

    Read up, it is very interesting history and so very intertwined with Native American history.

  7. James says:

    It does look like EVERYTHING these days are at risk, and that it will be very challenging for us to attempt to ensure that specific parts (this being one of them) survive.

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