Bobcat and Fawn Find Friendship after Fire

Wildlife — By Stephanie on July 30, 2009 at 6:55 am
5 Bobcat and Fawn Find Friendship after Fire

Bobcat and Fawn Find Friendship After Fire (Credit Lisa Mathiasen/ Animal Rescue Team)

A wildfire in Santa Barbara, California last month helped forge some unlikely bonds.  Rescued from the Jesusita Fire, a 3-week old bobcat kitten and 3 day old fawn became fast friends.  The animal rescue in California brought predator and prey together.  But these babies simply took comfort in each other’s company, snuggling under a desk at a dispatch office for hours.

The bobcat and fawn would not normally be placed together, due to regulations, but the rescuers had no choice.  They snagged the bobcat kitten first, finding it dehydrated and near death.  Later, they brought in the fawn and discovered they didn’t have a crate large enough for it.  No matter – the kitten ran right over to the fawn, and the two became fast friends.

6 Bobcat and Fawn Find Friendship after Fire

Bobcat and Fawn - fast friends! (Credit Lisa Mathiasen/ Animal Rescue Team)

Thanks to the tireless dedication of volunteer efforts of the Animal Rescue Team, and the Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network, these two animals, and many others were rescued from the destructive Jesusita fire.

As noted in an Animal Planet blog post:

“All of these Santa Barbara area animal rescue organizations have put out a national plea for donations because of the overwhelming need for animal food, medicines, and space to house displaced animals. ART currently leases a 1.5-acre plot of land that houses rescued animals in enclosures on the property, which require around-the-clock care, and the organization is desperate to purchase the land. The morning after Di Sieno – along with an insanely cute bobcat cub and fawn photo – appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show – the landowner decided he needed to sell it and she’s concerned for the future of the animals she and her fellow workers just rescued. The WCN also seeks funds for their Oiled and Injured Seabird Rehab Center, and receive no City, State or federal funding. One of their volunteers, Nancy Callahan, runs W.I.L.D.E. Services which focuses on raccoons and opossums, had her home and facility burnt to the ground and must start over from scratch. After rehabilitation, the groups reintroduce rescued animals to the wild.”

Fire season is just starting, and with drought conditions in Southern California, there could be more wildfires in the coming months.  If you’d like to make a donation to help the animal rescue organizations, follow the links above to the non-profits’ websites.  Bobcat and fawn thank you!

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  1. skahooter says:

    Perhaps there can be a reunion tear jerker like Christian the Lion…

  2. anne says:

    Please please post how fawn and bobcat are doing. thanks A

  3. Nickie Nye says:

    I fell in love as everyone seemed to have with these 2 beautiful creatures and I too would like to know how they are doing and if they are still together. Where do the animals end up after fires and is there anything that we as individuals can do to help them?
    Thank you,

  4. Susan says:

    I find it amazing that people on this amazing post find something NEGATIVE to say…go back under your rocks and stay there.

  5. Zach says:

    I find this interesting. Yes, bobcats are predators, however I’m fairly certain they eat smaller prey, such as snowshoe hare and not larger animals such as deer; which would make this story less phenomenal than it seems at first.

  6. Allaboutlfc says:

    This is so touching…although not belonging to the same environment these animals have accepted each other…this indeed shows that animals have a common language which we do not understand. The best part is, if they stay with us they learn our language but we still fail to learn theirs!

  7. johnfanrasr says:

    this sucks. can’t wait till that bobcat gets wise and kills that friggin deer.

  8. TheAL says:

    So cute I can’t stand it. If they can get along… :-) I’m so glad they were rescued and I hope the can be rehabilitated.

  9. cathy says:

    That is so cute! I wish that I could see that in real life!


  10. solar says:

    Baby bob-kitty! :3 On an off note, Djeb- have you ever seen a bobcat? It’s barely bigger than a house cat. Deer can weigh as much as humans. They are not enemies, they’re just neighbors.

  11. Standing ovation for Rescue people who give their time. For the firemen and other teams who keep us safe.

  12. so sweet …..animals also have feelings! some people forget when they eat them…

  13. Examples like these hearken back to the time of Eden, before sin entered the world. Animals got along. In their baby states, they can unlearn their instincts it seems.

  14. John says:

    Cute little critters, que no? Hope the rehab folks are successful. I’ll send them a bit of money come payday. Loss of habitat is the biggest threat to wildlife.

  15. Irina says:

    These cute kid and get on well together.

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