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Wind Power Jobs in UK Up 91 Percent


In just three years, the number of wind power jobs in the UK is up 91 percent.  A recent report by RenewableUK stated that staff members employed full-time on green energy wind projects increased from 4,800 in 2007 to about 9,200 in 2010. With the recent completion of the world’s largest wind farm in the [...]

Purple Wind Turbines?


Could the answer to bird strikes caused by generating wind energy be solved with paint?  Purple wind turbines is a new proposal based on a study published in the European Journal of Wildlife Research, as reported recently on the BBC. Huh?  How could the color of the blades reduce the danger of wind turbines? The [...]

Want to Generate Renewable Energy? Go Fly a Kite!


Clean, renewable energy flows around the world each and every day, just begging to be harnessed.  When it comes to wind energy, turbines, sails and even kites are all options to help us break our addiction to foreign oil. Seriously?  Kites? Could an idea based on a child’s toy be the answer to pressing energy [...]

American Wind Energy Association Annual Conference in Dallas


They’re gathering in Dallas,Texas this week for the annual American Wind Energy Association conference.  The AWEA should be … and apparently is…. taking full advantage of shifting winds of sentiment regarding renewable energy in light of the ongoing tragedy of the BP Oil Spill right in its own Gulf of Mexico backdoor. At the AWEA [...]

How to Bring a Community Wind Project to Your Hometown

The idea of wind energy typically brings to mind sprawling acres of hundreds of massive wind turbines.  Yet, a new, smaller scale movement is “in the air,” among wind farm developers.  Community wind projects do not require as much land, but still make an impressive renewable energy contribution to the local grid. Ranging from 5-80 [...]

Improving Wind Power Efficiency

Improving wind power efficiency is one of the primary hurdles to making wind energy a successful and viable alternative energy source.  This is because wind speeds can vary even more greatly than the strength of ultraviolet light (required for solar power).  We cannot control the wind – darn it anyway – so what can be [...]

Home Wind Generators

Looking for a cheap renewable energy option to provide free electricity to your home?  How about a home wind generator?  There are many models that can fit your circumstances, budget and more.  You can stay hooked up to the grid, or you can go or remain off-grid, if you live in a rural area.  Wind [...]

The Past, Present and Future of Wind Energy

How much do you know about wind as a source of renewable, clean energy? You may be surprised to learn that people thousands of years ago set up crude wind energy devices to pump water from wells and grind grains. The following video from beautifully illustrates the past, present and future of wind energy. [...]

Wind Energy in the Northwest

It has been said that the strength and viability of renewable energy alternatives in the Northwest (Washington, Oregon, Idaho) is comparable to the power of Silicon Valley with respect to computers. The area is flush with sunshine, running waters and wind. In Oregon, in particular, wind energy has made news with the story that the [...]