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New Oil Spill Off the Coast of Louisiana in the Gulf

Fresh oil spill in the Gulf in March 2011

Not even a year after the massive BP Oil Spill, a new oil spill off the coast of Louisiana in the Gulf has been discovered.  Over the past few days, crude oil has been washing into the white sand beaches near Grand Isle, giving vacationers a sight for which they didn’t bargain. As of the [...]

17 Dead Baby Dolphins in The Gulf of Mexico

17  Dead Baby Dolphins in The Gulf of Mexico

The mass deaths of birds, fish, crabs and bats may have receded from the news, but they are still going on. It’s calving season in the Gulf of Mexico where dolphins come every year to give birth.  This year so far, according to The Sun-Herald , 17  dead baby dolphins, either stillborn or dead soon [...]

Dying Coral in the Gulf of Mexico: Thanks BP


Just seven miles from the site of the BP oilspill in the Gulf of Mexico, scientists aboard the Ronald H. Brown, a NOAA research vessel, have discovered large areas of dead and dying deep sea corals more than 1400 feet under the ocean. The discovery was surprising, if not shocking for the researchers who viewed [...]

Greenpeace Shuts Down BP Stations Across London


Last week, Greenpeace activists shut down BP stations across London.  More than 40 gas stations were unable to do business when teams protesting the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico – and off-shore oil drilling – dismantled gas pumps. Working in coordinated groups, impassioned volunteers went from station to station, disrupting operations at [...]

Why Nuking the Oil Spill Is Not the Answer


Over a month ago, Russian scientists suggested that nuking the BP oil spill would stop the gusher and end the environmental damage.  The Russians suggested a surgical nuclear strike and claimed to have used the technique on five of their own oil wells. They even offered to do it for us. In spite of lots [...]

Coral Reefs in Gulf of Mexico Threatened by BP Oil Spill


Deep, cool water coral reefs were discovered not too long ago in the Gulf of Mexico.  While coral reefs are generally known to be in warm water locations, like off the coast of Australia, cool water reefs thrive in near freezing temperatures!  They are every bit as precious as their more famous colorful cousins. When [...]

The BP Oil Spill: How You Can Help

The BP Oil Spill: How You Can Help

There’s no question about it.  We don’t even have to tell you that the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico is bad.  Just how bad it is, remains to be seen.  Execs are not giving us any information as to how much oil is down there with the potential to impact the waters, [...]