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The Best of Peachy Green: Green Kids

Part 4 of The Best of Peachy Green Motherhood comes first in my life. Helping my children to tread lightly on the Earth has become a priority in our home and they are embracing it with open arms. They want to do what’s right for the environment. They want to be green kids. My 9-year-old [...]

Green Family Movie Night

My girls are more than enthusiastic when it comes to caring for our planet. They actively recycle, (my oldest watches over everyone to be sure they are doing what they should) and they get excited when they spot solar panels on traffic signs or charging the small info stations at the local zoo. The movie [...]

Green Gifts: The Power House

The holidays are quickly approaching and if you are like me you probably want to throw at least one educational toy or project under the tree this year. Luckily there are some amazing choices out there that will actually interest your children and not leave them wishing they had unwrapped something different. The Power House [...]

Green Halloween

Halloween is not my favorite holiday. Not at all. Maybe it’s because of a Halloween related trauma I suffered as a child (I was a little scaredy-cat) or maybe it’s the fact that I’m allergic to chocolate (now that’s a tragedy in itself). Either way, my oldest daughter drags me through the Halloween shop every [...]

Solar Powered Schools

Solar Powered Schools

National Public Radio (NPR) broadcast a story recently describing one school district that had voted to cut busing services for its students. Children as young as kindergartners could be expected to walk up to 1 1/4 miles to and from school because buses will no longer pick them up in their neighborhoods due to the [...]

Start a Green Conversation with Your Kids

If you are a parent, or work around children, you probably know that having regular conversations with your kids about important topics is a crucial part of their upbringing. Many adults are advised to have discussions about sex, alcohol and drugs, and Internet safety with their children. I would add to this list, and recommend [...]

Tweens Go Green

Is your tween green? If you are a parent of a tween, you may soon be getting a lecture about energy conservation. My soon to be 9-year-old already keeps a watchful eye over our recycling activities and will be ready to take up the new cause of energy efficiency in our home. Can tweens go [...]

Teach Your Kids About Solar Energy

If your children are like mine, they are naturally curious and interested in their environment. Kids over the age of 6 or 7 probably hear the same news stories that we do, including information on global warming and soaring gas prices. Fortunately, with as many dire predictions as there are, renewable energy sources such as [...]