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Save the Planet: Eat Bugs!

I'm not sure I could be convinced to eat bugs, no matter how eco-friendly!

What would you do to help address global climate change and save the planet?  Install solar panels?  Wear organic knits?  Eat bugs?! You heard me right…. turns out that a vegetarian diet is not the only way to eat green.  Eating insects provides high amounts of protein, yet requires less energy and space to live, [...]

Grass-Fed Livestock: The Greener Choice for Dinner


Not ready to go vegetarian to help the environment?  You don’t have to swear off meat, as long as you make the right choices concerning how your dinner was raised.  A green diet doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to fruits and vegetables… Most of us are aware of the conditions at factory farms – [...]

Meatless Monday Promotes Green Diets


Mom always said “eat your veggies,” but I wonder if she realized that a green diet is not only good for your own health, but also that of the planet?  Now before you think I am going to launch into all the virtues of a vegetarian diet, hold on!   From my perspective, life is too [...]