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5 Un-Peachy Green Things

You should know by now that the authors of this blog are pretty peachy green. At least, we’re trying to be! Some things are easy to do (turn off lights and appliances when you leave, recycle, drive the speed limit), and other things take more work. Over the past three months as we have been [...]

Do You Know Green?

Are you up for a little test of your going green knowledge? The Do You Know Green quiz from Mystery Fabric will help you determine just how much you know about protecting and preserving our precious planet through your daily choices. The game show style quiz may stump even the most well informed greenie. This [...]

GM is Going Green in North America

America’s largest auto maker is going green bigtime these days. Amid rumors of bankruptcy and sagging stock prices earlier this year, GM made a bold move, announcing the installation of a solar roof on its factory in Zaragoza, Spain. Early in August, GM decided to bring its going green philosophy home to the USA by [...]